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CyberGhost Review


If you’re looking for a good VPN service, CyberGhost is a solid choice. More than 90 countries across the world may be reached using CyberGhost’s vast network of virtual private network servers. This article details everything you need to know about CyberGhost.


  • Exceptional speed
  • No lags
  • With excellent features
  • Compatible with Android, Mac, PC, and iOS
  • Ease of access to international streaming sites
  • Ability to connect to 7 connections, simultaneously


  • No available apps for routers
  • May not work well on UAE or China
  • Poor reputation for the parent company

What is CyberGhost?

Despite having a robust Windows client, CyberGhost is an effective VPN service with a user-friendly interface.

The fact that it is based in Romania means that the FBI and other repressive regimes, such as China and Iran, do not have authority over it. There are less limits on what a non-US VPN may log in to, as well. Despite some flaws CyberGhost excels in all the important categories, with exceptional WireGuard performance, fantastic unblocking outcomes, and fast and friendly live chat service.

What you need to know about CyberGhost


No logs policy

As a rule, CyberGhost VPN does not log any of its users’ activity. The firm also pledges that no personal information would be stored or shared with other parties, despite its origin in Europe, where data retention regulations are low. Even though CyberGhost has received countless legal requests, its clients have never had their anonymity compromised, according to the company.


On Australian servers, CyberGhost was the quickest, averaging 144 megabits per second. But during a testing session, it hit a peak speed of 327 Mbps on Paris servers, with an average of 182 Mbps. During the same test, the average non-VPN speed was 217 Mbps.

French servers were the quickest in Europe, however German servers fared poorly when compared to other VPNs in the market. UK average speeds ranked second in the world with a speed of 142 Mbps.

At 55 Mbps, CyberGhost’s New York servers were unable to keep up with the Singapore servers, which averaged 65 Mbps. A crawl of 3 Mbps was the lowest reported speed in Singapore, which was distinguished by a lack of consistency. In general, CyberGhost has more than 6800 servers located across 89 countries. It has an average speed loss of 49%.

Privacy and security

In order to prevent security breaches, CyberGhost uses industry-standard AES-256 encryption and supports Perfect Forward Secrecy. In the case that a VPN connection breaks, the company’s kill switch function prevents network data from leaking outside of the VPN tunnel. For those who wish to use CyberGhost’s Windows software to encrypt only one of their computer’s internet connections, the company does provide split-tunneling.

App compatibility


With CyberGhost you can also protect your Linux and Chromebook devices. However, it’s not the greatest Linux VPN out there because it doesn’t have a Linux app. However, it has dedicated apps for iOs, Mac OS, Windows, and Android.

Streaming capabilities


CyberGhost’s customized server quickly unblocked Amazon Prime Video’s notoriously difficult blockages. If you want to watch Netflix U.K.-only material, you may have to pay extra if you’re using CyberGhost. Moreover, if you need to avoid geo-restrictions for streaming, CyberGhost is one of the finest VPNs. The Netflix, Disney+, and BBC iPlayer streaming services all worked well.

Torrenting capabilities

Protected apps can only access the internet when a virtual private network (VPN) is connected. Unlimited torrenting is allowed with CyberGhost, and the company maintains a large number of servers that are geared for fast and secure downloads. There is a section in the software titled “For torrenting” where you may find these.

Kill switch availability

CyberGhost has built a kill switch so that our IP address will not be disclosed if we lose connection to the VPN. Our internet service provider and government agencies can’t access our personal information if we use this security feature, which disconnects us from the internet and closes down all web sites.


CyberGhost employs AES-256, the strongest encryption available. To link us to the server of our choice, CyberGhost uses AES-256 encryption and its own DNS server. But even though CyberGhost didn’t provide us a private IP address, it connected us to an anonymous, static IP address. Because of this, it is impossible for anyone to identify us just based on our IP addresses.


Faster Internet is made possible by some protocols, while enhanced security is provided by others. We need protocols since they govern how our data is sent from our PCs to the VPN server. Certain procedures are better suited to specific circumstances.


Layer-to-Tunneling Protocol (L2PT) does not encrypt or protect data when used on its own. But when L2TP and IPSec are used together, we are significantly more secure. In contrast to L2TP, which only builds a tunnel, IPSec encrypts data using AES-256 and performs channel and integrity checks. Compared to OpenVPN, this protocol has a lesser speed, making it more susceptible to firewalls.


Since it’s an open-source project, this is one of the most secure protocols. Despite the fact that security specialists are continuously working to improve it, you compromise speed in the process. Although this protocol is accessible on iOS, it must be installed manually on macOS. If you need to emphasize safety above speed, then this is a smart option.


WireGuard has been integrated to a number of additional VPN providers’ protocols, including CyberGhost. WireGuard employs a cryptographic key routing technique for security. In order for CyberGhost to decode your internet traffic, WireGuard encrypts your traffic before delivering it to the servers. When compared to OpenVPN, WireGuard has the advantage of being lighter, which speeds up the execution of various procedures. Battery life and computer power are intended to be saved as well.


Subscriptions can be purchased for a month, a year, two years, or three years. Three-year memberships cost $89.31 (approximately $2.48 a month) and are the most cost-effective option. CyberGhost is presently offering a three-year subscription for only $2.29 per month, which includes three free months of VPN service.

Customer service

Cyberghost’s customer service may be accessed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. No matter what time zone you’re in, they’re there for you at all times. In addition, polls show that many of the company’s customers feel that the customer service is good. Traditional live chat is also accessible for CyberGhost customers, and is open around the clock, seven days a week.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to use CyberGhost?

It is safe to use CyberGhost unless you wish to keep your device’s IP address confidential, as the VPN tracks these addresses along with the time and location where you used it. Moreover, it’s safe to use if you don’t mind the firm logging this information. AES-256 encryption is used by CyberGhost, which has its servers in Romania, a non-member nation.

Is Netflix unblocked by CyberGhost?

Netflix is supported by CyberGhost. Netflix areas in the Netherlands and Spain are also compatible with CyberGhost. You will also be able to view Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ as well as Hulu and BBC iPlayer through CyberGhost’s streaming-optimized servers.


Nevertheless, CyberGhost provides us with high-quality encryption, the capacity to connect up to seven devices, and the ability to view and download practically whatever we want. A 45-day money-back guarantee is offered for long-term subscriptions, and a 14-day guarantee is offered for monthly subscriptions, respectively.

While CyberGhost works effectively as a desktop VPN, it’s more limited on mobile devices (namely iOS). Some users may be annoyed by Kape Technologies’ association with CyberGhost, despite the fact that we’re confident in the VPN’s independence. CyberGhost’s continuous server expansions also make Netflix unable to keep up. Although the price difference is negligible, CyberGhost is the greatest value and security option.