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ExpressVPN Review

express vpn

Add a VPN to your toolset to help you restore your privacy from so-called surveillance capitalism. 

A VPN secures you by tunneling all of your online traffic through an encrypted connection to a distant server, masking your actual identity and safeguarding your sensitive data. 

ExpressVPN is a fantastic VPN service with a big global footprint and good privacy procedures to keep your information safe.

Who is ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN, situated in the British Virgin Islands, is a highly regarded VPN provider. Even though VPN services are available in an otherwise cluttered industry, Express VPN has managed to stand out. It achieves this in part by offering a multitude of useful features.

The organization now runs a network of over 3000 servers in 94 countries and 148 locations across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Furthermore, unlike the other services we’ve reviewed, ExpressVPN has a strict no-logging policy.


  • Simultaneous VPN Connections
  • 160 locations across 94 countries
  • Geographically Diverse Servers
  • Number of servers: 3,000-plus
  • Number of IP addresses: 30,000
  • Unblocks a ton of streaming platforms
  • Military-grade encryption
  • No logging policy
  • Split tunneling function

ExpressVPN Advantages

There is a no-logging policy.

It’s one thing for a VPN provider to say it doesn’t retain logs, but it’s another if it can be confirmed. According to allegations from December 2017, Turkish authorities confiscated ExpressVPN servers.

Authorities tried to get the company’s customer data as part of an inquiry into the death of a Russian diplomat.

There was no data gathered since the firm did not preserve records. But, if anything, it highlights ExpressVPN’s dedication to safeguarding client identity and data by rigidly following its no-logging policy, especially in countries such as Turkey.


ExpressVPN uses SHA-512 HMAC authentication, AES 256-bit cipher, and 4096-bit RSA key encryption.

Perfect Forward Secrecy is provided through the Diffie-Hellman key exchange. The encryption used by the service is supposed to be impregnable!

The Kill Switch

The “Kill Switch” is the “Network Lock” by Express VPN. When the internet connection fails, the network lock protects the data by preventing transmission. The function is intended to keep your network secure at all times.

It is an app for Mac OS, Linux, Windows, and Router. The network lock function performed as expected on our Windows and Mac OS PCs throughout our testing.

Split Tunneling Function

Split tunneling is supported by the service’s Mac and Windows applications. It lets you choose which apps use the VPN tunnel and quickly bypass it to browse the internet normally.

By default, the function is deactivated, but it may be enabled by heading to settings. All traffic is routed straight over the VPN by default. In the settings, you can select from several options:

  • Allowing all apps to send data over the VPN
  • Allow the applications you want not to utilize the VPN connection.
  • Allow just the applications that you specify to utilize the VPN connection.

When you click one of the alternatives, a pop-up window will open, allowing you to pick the apps.

Netflix is unblocked.

Streaming is one of the main reasons customers go to ExpressVPN. They have a reputation for being able to unlock virtually any internet video. Our testing has only confirmed that it is ideal for geo-restricted media unblocking. We tried using the Netflix collection in the United States, which worked wonderfully. The advantage is that I didn’t have to select a specialist streaming server or check any boxes. Everything worked right away.

We’re confident that others will encounter the issue that not all servers are Netflix compatible. In addition, there isn’t a single button that allows you to see or connect to a Netflix-compatible server.

ExpressVPN Advantages and disadvantages


  • Unrivaled VPN speeds
  • Split Tunneling is a feature.
  • Torrents are supported.
  • Servers who specialize
  • Optional dedicated IP address
  • Unblocks Netflix as well as a variety of other streaming providers.
  • Customer Service is available 24 hours a day; seven days
  • audited independently
  • VPN connections are lightning-fast.
  • Customer service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days.


  • The speeds are erratic.
  • Pricing for high-end products
  • There are no other features.
  • Kape Technologies has been acquired.
  • There are no multi-hop connections.

What is the price of ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN, like most VPN service providers, does not bind certain features to specific subscriptions. Therefore, you will receive the same package. The only distinction is the length. The longer the subscription, the greater the discounts.

Pricing and plans

There are three alternatives available to you:

1-month plan$12.95
6-month plan$59.95 or $9.99/month
1-year plan$99.95 or $8.32/month

Even though the quoted rates are spread out throughout the subscription, they are exorbitant. Even with the 35% reduction for an annual membership, you’re still paying twice the price for many other high-quality VPN providers.

You may save much money by signing up for a 1-year plan instead of paying monthly.

There is no free version or trial available. So, if you’re on the fence, the only option to get your money back if you don’t like the service is to use their 30-day money-back promise. Their customer service is quite responsive, so getting your money returned should be a breeze.

You can pay with a credit card, PayPal, Bitcoin, or other methods such as UnionPay. As a result, there are alternatives for people who choose privacy and those who favor convenience. However, remember that the entire amount will be charged once, so plan your transfer appropriately.

What is the best VPN servers/locations?

Every VPN service provider has a unique collection of servers placed worldwide. Therefore this is dependent on the individual VPN service provider. There are various common server sites, but here are a few of the most popular: Among the countries taking part are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and France.

Is ExpressVPN suitable for gaming?

Yes. ExpressVPN’s ping times are acceptable for gaming if you choose a nearby location. However, if you connect to additional locations, you will experience increased latency, which will cause slowness in your gaming experiences.

Will ExpressVPN cause my connection to slow?

Any VPN may temporarily delay your connection since encrypting and routing your traffic through its servers takes time. However, ExpressVPN’s local servers reduced my download speed by only 1.5 percent. Most VPNs reduce your speed by more. Thus this is an outstanding figure. In reality, I had a couple of servers (Chicago and East London) that improved my speeds.

If an ExpressVPN server reduces your speeds, it’s normally a little decline that won’t affect your online activity.

Will anyone be able to tell if I use ExpressVPN?

It’s conceivable. A VPN is private, but it is not always anonymous.

If you connect to a known ExpressVPN server, your internet service provider, for example, can check to see if you are connected to a known ExpressVPN server. For example, if you are signed into your Facebook account and use Facebook while connected to ExpressVPN, Facebook can determine if you are connecting via a known VPN server.

However, your ISP will not be able to see what you’re doing when connected to the VPN, and websites and applications will not be able to see your true IP address.

What devices are compatible with ExpressVPN?

ExpressVPN has more device applications than any other VPN company I’m aware of:

  • Windows
  • Nvidia Shield
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Android TV
  • Linux
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Apple TV

How effective are ExpressVPN’s mobile apps?

ExpressVPN provides Android and iOS mobile applications. Both are well-designed applications with the same functionality and security as their desktop counterparts. In addition, ExpressVPN’s app is quick and light, so you won’t have to worry about slowing down your smartphone. I recommend using the Lightway or IKEv2 protocols for optimum speed and efficiency on mobile.

How many devices can ExpressVPN connect to?

You may connect to ExpressVPN on 5 devices with a single subscription. You can install it on more than one device, but certain devices will no longer connect after you reach the limit.

Is it safe to use ExpressVPN for torrenting?

Torrenting is not a problem with ExpressVPN. Subscribing grants you unrestricted access to all torrent content. ExpressVPN is required for torrenting to connect to any torrent server. To ensure uninterrupted torrenting, ExpressVPN employs a high-level network security technology.

Can ExpressVPN prevent advertisements?

No. ExpressVPN does not include any ad-blocking or anti-tracking software. Other VPNs, such as CyberGhost and NordVPN, do as well.

According to ExpressVPN, users can choose whether or not to block advertisements. The business suggests installing free ad blocking and/or anti-tracking plugins, such as uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger.

Is ExpressVPN a reliable service?

ExpressVPN is a trustworthy service. Like any other utility on your PC, Android, or iOS phone, an app is a tool. The creator of the program is situated in the British Virgin Islands. If you’re familiar with VPNs, you’ll understand how important the nation of origin of a VPN service is.

A solid VPN must abide by its native country’s laws and regulations. As a result, VPNs are unusual among the Five Eyes (Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States).

How fast is ExpressVPN on average?

Whether you’re using your VPN for gaming, streaming, or something else, internet speed should be a key consideration. As a result, you should be interested in learning how fast ExpressVPN is. Several things influence the speed of a VPN service in general.

These factors include location, ISP, VPN software, device, time of day, etc. According to various testing, ExpressVPN remains one of the fastest VPN services accessible today.

The following are the regions we tested and the average network speed we obtained:

  • 136 Mbps in Asia
  • 134 Mbps in Europe
  • 136 Mbps in North America

Use the Lightway protocol for the quickest network. Customers’ apps and routers can use Lightway. OpenVPN, which supports both UDP and TCP, is another option. However, TCP is more trustworthy than UDP.

The ping time, also known as latency, is a good measure of server slowness. The download speed test usually takes longer than the ping test. Furthermore, the download speed test results may not apply to your machine.

Ping time and download speed testing cannot determine service speed independently. Because the internet is so dynamic, the outcomes are fairly haphazard. However, users with fast internet connections will see a greater difference in speed between the two tests.

What exactly is the ExpressVPN MediaStreamer?

Subscribers to ExpressVPN get access to MediaStreamer, an intelligent DNS solution. The MediaStreamer, often included in the subscription, allows you to view geo-restricted material without encrypting your internet traffic.

In essence, the clever DNS utility transfers your DNS servers to a different area. As a result, it gives the website a misleading image, allowing you to view previously blocked material. In addition, unlike a typical VPN connection, smart DNS does not change your IP address or provide encryption.

Alternatives to ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is excellent, but there are several options.

NordVPN supports up to six internet connections and costs as little as half the price of comparable subscriptions, depending on current discounts. It’s the second-fastest VPN we’ve tried after ExpressVPN, has many of the same security features, and can unblock streaming sites, torrent, and access the internet from China.

CyberGhost is another low-cost VPN provider that allows up to seven devices to connect simultaneously. It doesn’t function in China, and there isn’t as much support for less common OS systems, but it’s quick, safe, and makes unblocking region-locked material simple.

Is there a lifetime membership option with ExpressVPN?

No. ExpressVPN exclusively provides three subscription choices to customers: one month, six months, and yearly.

Paying a VPN provider for a lifetime membership is, in the end, a tremendous risk. In addition, the service may change over time, leaving you with a no longer secure or dependable service.

Alternatively, the VPN’s business methods and rules might change, or it could be bought by a firm you do not trust.

Does ExpressVPN have browser extensions or add-ons?

Chrome, Safari, and Firefox desktop browser extensions are all available. ExpressVPN’s plugins, unlike other VPN browser extensions, are not separate proxies. Instead, they merely manage the primary VPN client, which must also be installed on your device.

The ExpressVPN browser extensions provide a few more features, such as protection against WebRTC leaks and HTML5 geolocation spoofing, that make them worthwhile to install.

The geolocation spoofing tool conceals your actual location by concealing more than just your IP address. However, websites may still identify your location using the HTML5 geolocation API, leveraging wi-fi and mobile signals, GPS, and other positioning technology.

ExpressVPN’s browser addon “spoofs” the API location to a semi-random place near the VPN server to which you’re connected.

What You Must Remember

VPNs are one of the technologies that internet users may utilize nowadays. In addition to all the advantages of using a VPN, ExpressVPN enables you to do much more. It’s safe, allows you to watch torrents, and works nicely.

If you value your online privacy, ExpressVPN may be the best option. The VPN server is located outside of the Five Eyes. As a result, they can strictly adhere to their no-log policy.

Users have the option of selecting from up to 3,000 different servers. With ExpressVPN’s lightning-fast internet, torrenting and streaming are a snap. You’d also get access to information that isn’t available in your area.

ExpressVPN does not provide multi-hop encryption, unlimited concurrent connections, or dedicated IP addresses. If not, ExpressVPN is a safe, secure, and cost-effective alternative.


ExpressVPN offers a winning combination of fast connections, high performance, and dependability. Furthermore, its constantly increasing VPN network, which adds new servers virtually every few months, suggests that things are improving.

The unbreakable, top-of-the-line military-grade encryption and split tunneling provided by ExpressVPN is also enticing. But, of course, all of this assumes that you can use the internet and a VPN simultaneously.

Most importantly, ExpressVPN provides a 30-day money-back guarantee. As a result, the main downside for some will be the high pricing.