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5 Best VPNs for Kodi


Kodi is the media player of choice for millions of people worldwide. It not only provides access to a large range of streaming add-ons, but it’s also rather simple to use and doesn’t cost anything – and many Kodi users prefer to utilize a VPN when streaming.

Because, like any other streaming platform, Kodi is subject to geo-restrictions. You’ll need to download one of the best Kodi VPNs to access this media streaming platform and all of its add-ons from anywhere in the world.

Top VPNs for Kodi

Based on the features mentioned above, Kodi’s top VPNs.



It’s one of the finest VPNs for Kodi for concealing your true location. It offers a clever DNS service for unblocking geo-restricted content.

Due to its superior protocols and the lack of DNS or IP address leaks seen by other VPNs, ExpressVPN is at the top of the list, and it is one of the best VPNs for Kodi streaming that allows you to surf the web securely. It gives you unrestricted access to social media sites, videos, music, and other content.

This VPN does not log the browsing history, IP addresses, traffic destinations, and DNS queries. It encrypts all of your Internet traffic and hides your IP address. It protects you online by encrypting your data and preventing data leakage.

ExpressVPN keeps you safe by hiding your IP address and encrypting network data, and it also offers excellent customer service with 24/7 support via live chat and email.


  • Has a large number of server locations.
  • It provides a variety of procedures from which to pick.
  • Allows you to choose which network devices you want to protect.
  • Accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment methods


  • Does not support IPv6.
  • Not suitable for advanced users
  • Pricey when compared to other VPNs.

Surf Shark


Surf Shark allows you to browse the Internet safely and quickly. It allows websites and apps to overcome VPN restrictions. By masking your real IP address, this VPN helps protect your privacy. It protects you from DNS leaks and does not log your WebRTC or IP. This program provides secure tunneling protocols such as IKEv2 and OpenVPN. It hides your true location and protects your personal information. 

The Surfshark VPN application permits P2P connections over a Virtual Private Network on certain servers. It is one of the best VPN services for preventing access to unwelcome websites. It has a no-logs policy, strong security credentials, and no connection limit.

This is perfect because it also works with some of the most obstinate streaming platforms outside the United States, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer. Browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox are also available. On supported internet routers, this service can also be manually installed.


  • With good customer service
  • Has available browser extensions
  • Has over 3,200 servers in 60+ countries
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications
  • Fast enough to stream HD live video without lag
  • Provides an anonymous and secure browsing experience
  • Secures sensitive data through the AES-256 encryption approach
  • Has available apps for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV


  • Complex setup process
  • Does not allow Tor browser usage
  • Connections to servers can be slow.



In the cybersecurity industry, this VPN provider situated in Panama has a superb reputation. It’s a fantastic all-arounder ideal for Amazon Fire devices, streaming, torrenting, and various other tasks. Additionally, because of its wide network of 5500+ high-speed servers, NordVPN is a great Kodi VPN solution for unblocking geo-restricted Kodi add-ons.

This service provider is possibly the world’s quickest. You have nothing to worry about it in terms of privacy. It has a no-logs policy that has been independently audited. There are also other security features, like a virus blocker, split tunneling, Tor over VPN, and obfuscated servers, to name a few.

Finally, NordVPN’s long-term discounts will not break the wallet. A 30-day money-back guarantee is included. If you have any problems, a live chat is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Extremely fast speeds
  • Has an Android TV app
  • Employs a dual VPN system.
  • Protects against IPv6 leaks and no DNS (Domain Name System) leaks.
  • Offers a Smart DNS feature that allows you to watch streaming videos on your TV


  • Complicated desktop application
  • Difficult to configure NordVPN with OpenVPN.
  • Only a few NordVPN servers support torrenting.



Because it does not maintain logs and provides high encryption, CyberGhost is a good Kodi VPN. It preserves your digital identity and bypasses geo-restrictions because of its large server list. For its features, it requires a low-cost subscription.

CyberGhost divides its servers into categories according to whatever video streaming service the consumer wants to use. Users that use Kodi to stream from official sources like BBC iPlayer would appreciate this.

Unfortunately, Google Play is the only place where you can get the Android version. This implies that devices running OpenELEC or Android versions without Google Play will need to configure CyberGhost servers manually.


  • Has around 7500 servers
  • Allows anonymous torrenting
  • Live chat is available around the clock.
  • Has browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • Any website can be unblocked with our VPN service.
  • Has Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux apps, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.


  • Tendency for software crashes
  • Certain servers are slow
  • Managing usernames and passwords is difficult.



PureVPN is one of the finest VPN software for Kodi, allowing you to view anything on the Internet safely. You can use this tool to keep yourself safe when surfing the web. It does not keep track of your IP address or the time you connected to the server.

This application allows you to bypass geo-restrictions and censorship without difficulty. PureVPN makes it simple to stream entertainment, surf the Internet, and play online games without interruption. This VPN is compatible with Android TV and employs AES-256 encryption.


  • No DNS leaks.
  • Split-tunneling is available for Android smartphones.
  • This application supports a variety of VPN protocols.


  • Does not support WireGuard
  • The Linux app has limited functionalities.

VPNs and their way of securing data

Encryption is a technique for securing the information so only authorized parties can decipher it. It takes readable data and changes it so that attackers or anyone who intercepts it thinks it’s random. Encryption functions similarly to a “secret code” in this regard.

A virtual private network (VPN) establishes encrypted communications between devices. Any devices that connect to the VPN create encryption keys, which are used to encrypt and decrypt all data exchanged between them.

VPN connections are kept private even when they cross public Internet infrastructure thanks to this encryption. Therefore, a VPN will improve your security when you conduct a transaction or need to send or receive sensitive information.

Reasons why you need a VPN for streaming Kodi

Here are some reasons why using a VPN for Kodi is essential.

Copyright infringement

You could get into legal problems if you use certain add-ons. For example, your Internet service provider (ISP) can monitor your online activities and share that information with law enforcement. Your location, IP address, and Internet activity are all disguised when you use a VPN.

Bandwidth throttling

Certain actions, such as torrenting or streaming Kodi, may be restricted by your ISP. With a VPN, it won’t know what’s happening behind that encrypted data, so there’s no reason to throttle a portion of your bandwidth.

Geo-blocking content

Many of Kodi’s streaming services and other channels could be inaccessible. Unfortunately, this is the case because most content providers geo-block specific shows in your country. Fortunately, most of them are unblocked by a VPN, allowing you to select libraries from multiple countries.

Geo-blocking add-ons

Some Kodi add-ons may be unavailable to download simply because they have been rendered unavailable in your area. You can choose from dozens of countries with IP addresses while using a VPN.

Factors to consider when choosing a VPN for Kodi

When picking their device compatibility, Kodi users should consider the following factors:

Device Compatibility

Be sure your VPN is compatible with your devices. For example, if you have an Android-based device, such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can use it.


When watching videos on the internet, a slow connection can be unpleasant. Therefore, you’ll want a fast one for better quality video stream times. A fast VPN will ensure an uninterrupted, buffer-free, and speedy streaming experience.

Privacy and Security

VPNs have a no-logs policy, which ensures anonymity and privacy when running programs via an encrypted connection. Hence, with a VPN, you may resume watching your favorite shows without fear of someone peering over your shoulder.

Ability to watch geographical-locked videos

Video blocking can be a nuisance when attempting to watch your favorite series and movies. Sites like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Hulu limit what you can watch based on where you are. However, Virtual private networks (VPNs) provide full access no matter where you are.

Customer Support

Customer service is essential for any organization, no matter how big or small; thus, having 24-hour customer service is a must.

Ease of use

Make sure that your VPN is easy to use and configure.

Frequently asked questions

Is using a VPN for Kodi worth it?

It is better to use a VPN for Kodi regardless of whether they wish to access geo-restricted material. Your streaming experience will be more secure as a result. In addition, a virtual private network (VPN) can provide users access to content that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to their geographic location.

Is it possible to use a free VPN with Kodi?

Indeed, several free VPNs function well with Kodi. However, what matters most is whether or not these features improve the streaming experience. While some of these add-ons operate well with Kodi, some have drawbacks, such as data use limits and throttling of internet speed. As a result, it is critical to make an informed decision.

Is it legal to use Kodi?

Thanks to the Kodi software, you can watch your favorite TV episodes and movies on any device. To get Kodi, you can either download it from the official website or purchase an Android-based box with the open-source operating system OpenELEC preloaded. In the United States, Kodi is allowed.

Remember that you should only use legal, safe add-ons. Most unauthorized Kodi addons rely on piracy and copyright infringement to operate. It’s possible to fall into legal difficulties if you use unauthorized third-party plugins.

Will VPN for Kodi work on FireStick?

Yes. Besides FireStick, Kodi VPN works with all Kodi-compatible devices, such as Windows PCs, Macbook Pros, Android TVs, and even Nvidia Shields.


Kodi is a fantastic way to watch anything you want in high definition. However, accessing a site on the platform can be challenging if it is geo-restricted or blocked. Fortunately, any of the VPN services we’ve mentioned above can safely overcome these limits.

In addition, the top VPN services can significantly improve your viewing experience by providing a broad worldwide network of servers and limitless bandwidth. Hopefully, this guide has aided you in your search for the best VPN for Kodi.